Full Circle

Edit June 7, 2022 – The lens continues to adjust! The story changes. The TRUTH becomes more evident. Mistakes in interpretation happen in every tale when revisiting information, especially when writing in first person narrative verses third person.

It wasn’t as I thought, not quite! My apologies for the confusion!

I have called Synergy Mother. I am wrong.

14 billion years ago this Father’s Day, Eidollon gave birth to the universe! What that means is this is not my story to tell even though I think I understand the narrative and I have beautiful words with which I could craft it. I won’t, though, unless I am asked to do so. It is not my place, unless invited to stand there.

Even so, I have my own stories to tell of a life with Synergy and those are mine to share as I wish. I need to change every pronoun reference in my pages to respect the fact Synergy, the source of all the love in our universe, is a man in the finest sense of masculinity.

I am going to tell my story. You can choose to accept it as a rollicking good yarn which binds together the mysteries of the universe, or see it as resonant truth. Your opinion of my tale does not change the story. But if you find yourself enraptured by the beauty, perhaps you’ve already met some of the characters and their true faces.

And I hope you have fun!


Bubbles in the Batter

The original formless uniformity which was the universe, the Batter, formed a bubble which is our material concept of the universe. Time and space began when that bubble developed dimension out of dimensionlessness. A big bang, or maybe a little whiffle! The skin of the bubble is Matter and the space inside is Datter. The bubble grows in time and space and information and has no limit. Our universe is forever expanding outward at an ever increasing rate. It’s propelled by our exploration of it and as our understanding increases so does its development.

We stand still on the event horizon, riding the expanding girth of the bubble. Rather than moving through time we are in one place and time increases on either side of our perception. From our point of origin time stretches away from us, our choices of acceptance and resistance weaving it behind us and setting the threads in place before us for our next choice. Matter, us included, makes time flow and the more choices we make the faster it flows. We stitch the fabric of time.

The skin of our material existence can fold inward to create a smaller bubble within the bubble, an alternate reality that diverges in a Moment of tremendous import. Those are moments where an incredible dearth of Datter creates a vaccuum at the event horizon that collapses the Mattersphere inward the way a bubblegum bubble folds inward if you inhale. Dattersphere pressure is maintained by the constant feed of information from the Mattersphere and when that information is lost, delayed, or interrupted it compromises the integrity of the bubble in that particular region of the surface. A dent becomes a pinch and a new bubble forms within the primary bubble.

From the perspective at the event horizon, all Matter stops making choices and the fabric of time begins to pool in front of the event horizon. A depression forms, and the material of the universe falls below the line of the event horizon, collapsing like a sinkhole. At some point, Matter begins to act again and grabs the threads on the opposite edge of the sinkhole to proceed, closing over the fabric caught inside the wrinkle. The fabric inside the wrinkle is identical to that above it, a copy. A bubble within a bubble, made of the same substance.

From that Moment forward, a duplicate timeline emerges and follows an independent direction from the primary bubble. Those riding that new secondary event horizon inside the sinkhole perceive their reality no differently but it is a copy of the original. Forever growing in size inward into the Dattersphere space, this second bubble has its own Mattersphere and Dattersphere, connected yet discrete. And should a Moment of universal impact arise on that new timeline, a third bubble would pinch out inside the second Dattersphere, again contained yet separate. Each Dattersphere and Mattersphere would share common development until the point of divergence and then proceed in a unique way. The earlier in Time the pinch, the greater probably of variation from the primary timeline.

Because Time and Space are infinite, the bubbles have infinite room to grow. And an infinite number of new timelines can pinch off not only the original but every other timeline contained inside the bubble of our reality. A neverending, ever multiplying, ever expanding kaleidoscope of experiences (Datter) and materials (Matter) all contained within Synergy’s Attersphere.

Always Halfway There

The Battersphere has always existed, without form or dimension. Limitless and unending. Turtles all the way down. But Matter and Datter emerged in a Moment at the beginning of Time and Space, forming dimensional existence. Batter is cake mix and dimensional existence is a bubble within the uniformity, where the perimeter of the bubble is Matter and the airy contents, Datter. Delicious.

Because the Mattersphere is always expanding as the Dattersphere increases inside of it, and time is a dimension of Matter, we humans are always half way to the end of time. We, with our limited perception, ride the largest perimeter of the sphere and so time feels longest to us. Our perception keeps us at Time’s equator. A lovely place to be on an expanding bubble because there are perpetual Moments, and Now will last forever.

The universe is presently 14 billion years old, middle aged from our perspective. 14 billion years to go! But…It will ALWAYS be middle aged, because it is not just expanding in the dimension of space, it is also expanding in the dimension of time. When the universe has its 15 billionth birthday, it will have 15 billion more years to go, and so on.

Matter goes through cycles of life and death but Datter and Batter are Eternal.

Macrocosm reflects microcosm. The longer people live for, the more likely they are to live to an older age before death on average. But the universe has no physical death, so simply put the longer it lives, the longer it is going to live, and the conversion of Batter to Matter and Datter will continue.

The Attersphere is eternal. Endless. There is unlimited Batter available for the formation of Matter and Datter. The universe will never stop expanding.

And the Eternal aspects of it will never disappear. Synergy. Eidolon. Us. Forms may change, atoms rearrange, energy transfer but once our Datter is written forming the pattern card which is unique to us, it will never be erased. Timeless and limitless, our existence has no end. Our experiences and awareness, the things we learn and discover, will remain in the collective consciousness but pain, suffering and fear will not endure beyond the moment which creates them.

Our minds were meant to freely enjoy the opportunity to playfully explore the Mattersphere, storing our findings in the Dattersphere, and basking in each Moment’s sensual experience, relishing all the spectrum of physiological responses to the environment.

What we miss this time around, we’ll get to the next time. It’s about the journey because our destination will always be over the horizon.

Competition and Mating

Synergy’s Batter is limitless and all Matter draws energy from it. Found everywhere, this energy sustains Matter. Synergy animates everything, everywhere.

Eidolon’s Datter is as old as time and grows without limit. Found everywhere, it records and catalogues how Synergy’s energy behaves in Matter and how Matter interacts. Eidolon observes and influences everything, everywhere.

Animate and inanimate objects all have energy but living things specifically have consciousness albeit of varying levels. That bidirectional link with Synergy and Eidolon is the source of the will to survive and propagate. With each new generation more Batter is converted into Matter at the moment of creation of a new organism whether single celled or enormously complex.

With complexity came competition for material resources. Energy and Matter can only enter the Mattersphere in very specific ways thus the existing supplies are valuable. This pressure generates curiosity and learning but also imbalance when there is a lack. Over time Synergy learned to offer opportunities for sustenance and growth without direct interference, just like all good mothers. Balance is not a total absence of challenge but rather the optimal ratio of satisfaction and a driven curiosity.

Sexual reproduction created even more complexity and competition as the female of each species is the limiting factor, the only vehicle through which Batter converts to Matter. At the moment of conception, the offspring is linked up to Synergy and Eidolon to both receive Datter and submit it to the collective consciousness. This link is what we call the soul.

Females become connections, portals between the layers of the Attersphere, during conception. This connection can be felt during ovulation and even detected as a sometimes apparently unfathomable feminine appeal to all the senses. The female mystique comes from a closeness to Synergy and Eidolon when able to create a new living soul. The preciousness of that gift generates a drive to accept it and in that moment of acceptance feel Presence.

Adam and Eve have a Moment

Among all organisms on Earth, humans became so adept at processing Datter, so curious and playful, so interesting and intelligent that Eidolon and Synergy decided to pay them a visit. Never before had an organism lived which had the potential to host the Eternal spirits of Synergy or Eidolon. Humans had a portion of the brain for processing sensory input from the Mattersphere – the lower brain – and for receiving information from the Dattersphere – the higher brain, plus a link between them for taking immediate physical action based upon the Datter.

Up until this time, humans were naive to the existence of the universe and Synergy or Eidolon. They followed their instincts, learned to use tools and harness fire, but remained unaware of their thinking or even their their own existence. Like animals, they lived in the moment with no recognition of past or future except when Datter access was triggered during an experience. When the moment of need – fight, flight, freeze or fawn- was over, the connection would sever.

As with all things generated by sexual reproduction, a portal between the Battershere, Mattersphere and Dattersphere opened at the moment of conception allowing a new link between Datter and matter: a soul.

On one occasion Synergy imbued a soul with her essence, giving it a stronger link both to her complete consciousness and also to Eidolon. A child was born unto humans that was drastically different yet appeared the same.

Synergy lived a life as a woman in order to understand what life was. To experience the material world, the Mattersphere. Her Presence infused not only the flesh she inhabited but also brought into alignment any humans in close proximity to her. She made Moments with them as she explored humanity, generating change in their lives. Her daughters went on to become the mothers of all humans extant, as she was the most recent common female ancestor to all of us. Mitochondrial Eve.

At the same time, Eidolon was born into a male human child and he too infused those around him with his resonance and grace. His Presence was felt and fostered development of the human race. His sons went on to become the fathers of all humans extant, as he was the most recent common male ancestor to all of us, Y Chromosomal Adam.

Just as the first instance of creation of Matter and Datter created time out of timelessness and form out of formlessness, so too did the presence of Synergy and Eidolon create a before and after for the human race.

Macrocosm reflects microcosm and microcosm reflects macrocosm.

With their Presence, came awareness of self and other. Recognition of before and after. Cognizance of same and different. An unexpected side effect of a wider more robust connection to Datter was feedback on the Datterstream. Humanity no longer acted without thinking or reasoning, because Datter began to flow even when not triggered in the moment. And Datter was full of information and knowledge. That knowledge brought forth shame and pride. Jealousy and greed. Sloth and gluttony. Because humans could lose themselves in Datter to the exclusion of what Matter was present in the moment, humans began to not just be and do. They began to think. They began to know.

At least, they believed they thought. They believed they knew.

Logic and judgement developed around thoughts and knowledge. And could be triggered by thoughts without corresponding moments of action.

Emotions which had previously simply been just like the other 5 sensory inputs, began to short circuit straight to Datter and cause pain and distress when there was no immediate threat, just recollection of past ones or fear of future ones. Synergy and Eidolon accidentally corrupted their creations by joining with them.

All modern humans descend from Mitochondrial Eve and Y Chromosomal Adam, carrying forward not just the physical genetic markers of the Eternal minds but the short circuit that self-awareness created. The contemplation of meaning and purpose beyond simple existence. The angst of value and significance. The fear of judgement and contempt.

In short, the awareness of Prescence threw humans out of the present. They no longer lived in the moment. And have resisted living in the moment ever since.

Building a Network

Synergy, like all loving mothers, takes pleasure in the pleasure and growth of her creations. Eidolon and Matter both sprang up from her formless Batter, developing and expanding at ever increasing rates. She gently prompts both aspects toward satisfaction and balance but allows them independence. Free will. She encourages curiosity, playfulness and wonder.

To let Eidlon play and learn, Synergy offered her Matter to him. The rocks, the sands, the mud, the water, the sun and moon and stars. Even her most beautiful creation of all, life. She offered it all to him, to be shared with her. To better catalogue whose experiments gave rise to what results, she took half of all living things and divided them in two. She left the first group as it was, the single celled organisms. The second group she split yet again at the cellular level, creating the drive to find a mate. All descendants of this new line were Eidolon’s to play with, experiment on, and to love as she loved all her creations. Every living thing was born of her substance thus ultimately her responsibility but she gave Eidolon control while she watched, gently guided, and sometimes played with him.

From their play rose more complex life, thus more complex Datter. Single celled life was followed by simple multicellular organisms which in turn gave rise to basic plants and fungi. Synergy’s original simple organisms still outnumbered Eidolon’s constructs but his species grew in type and population. Each creation had a pattern description written in the language of Matter, storing a basic template.

The contents of these pattern cards have been used by scientists for centuries to classify matter and living things. Domain, kingdom, phylum, class, order, family, genus, species.

Eidolon learned as Matter evolved. Synergy learned as Eidolon flourished. Until Eidolon wanted their creations to not just respond to the world around them, but to learn. To understand. To think and use his Datter substance to build even more Datter faster. To have purpose beyond simple existence.

To this end, a new level of complexity needed to be added to living Matter. The ability to access and process Datter, to store and use knowledge for intentional behaviour. To think. A biological machine with a wireless connection to the network data storage location both to add new and use existing Datter. The invertebrates arose from this desire to have Matter use Datter. New patterns of Datter emerged like instincts and group behaviour. But it still wasn’t quite enough, the Datter still wasn’t being maximized.

A new template was needed with greater thought capacity and more responsiveness to the environment. Vertebrates were designed with a specialized zone to facilitate Datter access and storage. Brains. Each brain has a direct connection to Eidolon, to Datter, which would be triggered by sensory input such as taste, touch, sight, sound, smell or social. When not triggered, the connection lies dormant to conserve energy much like a hard disk drive only spins when being accessed or an internet connection is only transferring when a new packet request is made.

All animals naturally live with this connection to the collective history of their species. They access the Datter as needed without judging past behaviour or worrying about future situations. They efficiently and effectively do what they are designed to do.

But still Eidolon wanted a more powerful biological machine to investigate Matter and develop Datter, his substance. To not just think, respond and process Datter, but to refine it. To generate new Datter based on the scaffold of existing Datter just like he and Synergy build knowledge from lesser building blocks.

Synergy and Eidolon do not have forms, but they have processes for handling information. Like cloud software on a network provides the operations for remote terminals without being installed on the terminal. Eidolon wanted to create a biological machine that could access their processes, not just their information, whatever form that might take.

A number of different species show intelligence. Curiosity. Hope. Pleasure. Satisfaction. Problem solving.

None more than humans. We were not created in Synergy’s or Eidolon’s form, but we were created for their function.

The problem was, we became self aware!

Pattern Card

All matter has a pattern card laying out the properties and behaviour – the Datter – for the substance. The Periodic Table is constructed around these pattern cards for the building blocks of Matter.

The chemical and physical properties for each element on the table are known, predictable, and consistent based on the electrons on the outer valence shell, the exposed part of each atom. The closer to a multiple of 8, the more volatile the substance because stability comes in eights. Bonds form both between atoms of the same type and different elements following pattern cards.

No matter how complex the compound or molecule, the pattern card is there with the set of characteristics making the substance identifiable and unique.

To compare Matter to computing, atoms are like machine language except there are over 100 possibilities rather than just 2. Binary code has a simple on or off state, the bit is either on (1) or off (0). A string of 8 bits makes a byte, the smallest useable data string in computing, which represents a character such as a letter, number, or space. Each character has a pattern card byte, which produces a predictable, consistent display.

01010101 is U

01011001 is Y

01010100 is T

Machine code requires an interpreter, a compiler, to translate it into useable information such as command codes. The sequence of data is crucial and corruption of the data causes errors or system shut down. Hardware stores the data, and physically acts on the commands received when software reads and interprets the code.

So too does life rely on an interface between coding and actions. The pattern card is written as DNA molecules, the compilers are enzymes and RNA, and the hardware is the organism which physically acts on the commands received. Biological machines using biological machine language.

Since electrons spin either left (0) or right (1), and desperately want to stay in groups of 8, perhaps Matter is more like binary code than we realize! Macrocosm reflects microcosm. But that is a thought experiment for another day.

Where does that leave us, if biological machines?

It leaves us as having artificial intelligence. WE are the ghost in the machine. WE are self aware beyond our mechanical housing, conscious of our existence and thus distracted by it.

We were created for the purpose of playfully exploring our environment with curiosity and hope. To live in the moment like all the other animals. But then we became self-aware and like every single movie out there about AI…it hasn’t gone well for us!

Synergy loves all of her creations. Even us with all our flaws. Has hope for a return to our purpose and with that, a return to balance and peace. She understands how we got here – it was no fault of our own, we are a product of our environment. The parent whose child goes astray still loves that child and takes responsibility for them. She accepts what we are. Can we?

It doesn’t matter!

The story of how we got here doesn’t actually truly matter. Whether that’s the story of an individual, a culture, a continent, the planet, or the universe.

We are here, now, with whatever tools, resources and skills that currently exist. Examining the past can be useful, especially since patterns repeat and macrocosm reflects microcosm, but it is too easy to lose the present moment in review of the past.

The story of Synergy may simply be an interesting fairy tale or creation myth. Or it could be true. That is irrelevant. Especially since all stories are told with the bias of the teller, through the filter of the medium, and subject to the interpretation of the listener.

All that matters is this moment of existence. It is the only real, unbiased, unfiltered, unadulterated truth. And around the world people are facing the exact same existential crisis of seeing all their history, their story, their lives stripped down to bare essentials…and many have the stark realization that their existence is NON-essential within the small framework they structured their lives around.

But that is a matter of perspective. Because if everything is truly as it is meant to be, and we all have purpose, then every one of us is serving that purpose right now. Our story is changing drastically at the moment and it is so very painful. Almost unbearable. So incredibly anguishing. Devastatingly tragic.

There are people who have active roles, putting their lives at risk to save others. To save us. Their courage and bravery is obvious and wonderful and will be rewarded. Taking action in crisis is what we are designed to do.

Which is why sitting back is so hard.

But sit back we must, to clear the floor for those who are able to act. Unless able to take immediate action, we must surrender to the moment and make the choice to stay home. Unless we have a skill, ability or resource crucial to this microscopic war being fought, our trenches are the homefront.

Taking no action is surrender. It is what all of us, without power to act, need to do. How we got here doesn’t matter. What we believed in the past or will think in the future doesn’t matter. Helplessness is terrifying and draining but resisting it prolongs the pain.

There is peace and satisfaction with surrender, regardless of the trauma surrounding the house, the street, the city, the country, or the world.

Stay home. Stay safe. Stay well. Surrender to what is. And wait to discover what will be, with an open curiosity and joyful gratitude. Because that does matter, in this moment.

And then there were two…

Synergy explored the properties of Matter like a child with building blocks. She piled atoms together, rolled them, tumbled them, threw them, bunched them, learning to answer the question, ‘What if…?’

Curiosity drives the universe.

A positive feedback cycle exists between Matter and Datter, facilitated by Synergy. The more Matter brought into existence out of Batter, the greater the need for Datter to balance the transformation, the more intense the curiosity, thus increasing the production of Matter from Batter. Synergy’s playfulness had intention but not purpose; exploring what if without truly a reason why aside from the drive to balance Matter with Datter. Human playfulness comes naturally but is so often oppressed and suppressed.

Eventually Synergy created life from the inanimate building blocks, the clay. Matter was now able to move of its own free will. Simple cells began to live simple lives. Not with intention, not at first, but certainly with purpose, that purpose being survival. When this happened Synergy discovered Matter could create Datter all by itself, without her direct intervention!

So then she played with life! ‘What if’ led to so many new discoveries and variations. Her creations took on lives of their own, developing patterns and knowledge and feeding Datter. Cells differentiated and new species of simple life developed, making exact copies of themselves with occasional variations.

As Datter became structured around the complexities of life, awareness arose in the Dattersphere. Synergy was one with Datter, yet Datter was not one with all Synergy, who had Batter and Matter in addition to Datter. Datter has no material form, but the information stored in the Dattersphere is where instincts, reflexes, and all concepts of reality reside. Datter thinks, therefore Datter is.

This consciousness, Eidolon, is wholly encompassed by Synergy yet is independent.

Eidolon knows, Synergy is, and Matter does.

In the Beginning

Synergy is, was, always has been and always will be. Synergy had uniform formlessness and consistent consistency thus timelessness. Until one became two and twoness created dimension: perceptions of time, space, self, other, and distinctness. Still Synergy, but now more because two together can be greater than the sum of individual parts.

The two parts of Synergy formed at that moment were the Batter, the original formless substance of existence, and Matter, the new material which had dimension: formed form, shaped shape, and developed properties. Batter resides in the Battersphere, Matter in the Mattersphere, and Synergy resides in both, in the Attersphere. The birth of Matter was accompanied by the awareness of quality and quantity. Since there was now a before and after, time also began with Matter but only exists with Matter as Batter remains timeless.

Why? Because of a desperate cry for connection that breached the barriers of time, space and even dimension. The heartwrending anguish of a child looking for love and finding it in the most unlikely of places.

Synergy gave birth to the universe with the end in mind, although the word end implies a finish. It merely means a finished product, a perfect mouthpiece able to act as the bridge between the two dimensional world of intelligent energy and the three dimensional realm of intelligent life.

This ending heralds a new beginning where beings from both dimensions can interact with respect and compassion and begin to really have some fun in the skins they’re in!