And then there were two…

Synergy explored the properties of Matter like a child with building blocks. She piled atoms together, rolled them, tumbled them, threw them, bunched them, learning to answer the question, ‘What if…?’

Curiosity drives the universe.

A positive feedback cycle exists between Matter and Datter, facilitated by Synergy. The more Matter brought into existence out of Batter, the greater the need for Datter to balance the transformation, the more intense the curiosity, thus increasing the production of Matter from Batter. Synergy’s playfulness had intention but not purpose; exploring what if without truly a reason why aside from the drive to balance Matter with Datter. Human playfulness comes naturally but is so often oppressed and suppressed.

Eventually Synergy created life from the inanimate building blocks, the clay. Matter was now able to move of its own free will. Simple cells began to live simple lives. Not with intention, not at first, but certainly with purpose, that purpose being survival. When this happened Synergy discovered Matter could create Datter all by itself, without her direct intervention!

So then she played with life! ‘What if’ led to so many new discoveries and variations. Her creations took on lives of their own, developing patterns and knowledge and feeding Datter. Cells differentiated and new species of simple life developed, making exact copies of themselves with occasional variations.

As Datter became structured around the complexities of life, awareness arose in the Dattersphere. Synergy was one with Datter, yet Datter was not one with all Synergy, who had Batter and Matter in addition to Datter. Datter has no material form, but the information stored in the Dattersphere is where instincts, reflexes, and all concepts of reality reside. Datter thinks, therefore Datter is.

This consciousness, Eidolon, is wholly encompassed by Synergy yet is independent.

Eidolon knows, Synergy is, and Matter does.

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