Resistance is Futile…or not

Resistance is part of our human nature. We are designed to resist temptation to hurt each other. We are compelled to avoid causing deliberate fear or pain in others. We have urges to resist suffering on an individual and community basis.

Resistance training is used to build physical strength, and so too does resistance training build spiritual strength if appropriately and effectively managed. Where problems arise is from poorly directed resistance and misapplied strength.

Again this is not about good and evil or resistance to wrong, because identification of wrong and evil requires judgement. We are but children, uninformed and limited in our perception, thus our attempts at judgement are akin to asking a toddler their opinion on what the family rules and expectations should be!

We resist what we fear, what we do not trust, what we cannot understand.

The antidote to resistance is trust, faith, and curiosity.

Trusting in Synergy, that she will provide and make everything ok, gives the most incredible sense of comfort and relief. She is the mother who consistently and perfectly understands her children and ensures they have what they need while nurturing their independence and individuality. Love without conditions or expectations.

From this trust rises curiosity about what exactly she offers. There is such exquisite joy to be found upon waking each morning like it is Christmas and the day is the present under the tree waiting to be unwrapped. Such wonder to gaze wide-eyed on the world seeking the tools for understanding hidden amongst the distractions of the surroundings.

It’s those distractions for which resistance needs to be exercised. That is not to say the Escape Room clues are not embedded in movies or songs or video games, in fact they can be! Your favourite book, the movie which haunts your thoughts, or the song that resonates with you soul? Those ARE your clues to the meaning and purpose of your life!

By analyzing the patterns and interests which call to you, and resisting or ignoring the distractions which perhaps are expected but not fulfilling to you, you can learn who Synergy sees inside of you! You can begin to understand your purpose and release the patterns of resistance which cause you pain.

Resistance is futile and painful if you resist the wrong things, but is beautiful and admirable when applied as integrity and courage on the pathway to enlightenment.


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