A Moment of Choice

Every moment of every day, we have choices. Just because the outcome of a choice is unpleasant does not revoke our ability to choose. There is always a choice, including inaction which is the choice to surrender to the will of others.

Surrender is at times an excellent choice and one we were designed to do. Surrender is not giving up or giving in, it is giving trust to Synergy. To surrender is to accept what is, and to allow the moment to proceed as it needs to until a moment of meaningful choice presents itself.

What defines a moment of choice? The immediacy of action. If I ‘choose’ today to get a medical degree, that is not truly a meaningful choice in this moment because I cannot GET the degree right here and now. Thus this choice is not binding to me, there is not an ultimate immediate result from the perceived choice. It is a wish, not a choice.

A moment of choice is that instant when you recognize action is possible. When you feel the power of potential and promise permeate your brain, screaming ‘Now! Do it now!’ In the movies, you see the hero saying ‘Wait for it…wait for it…’ That truly happens in real life as well but only if you’ve surrendered to Synergy and have faith in yourself to recognize the when you have been waiting for.

True choice is about seeing an opportunity when it happens and being prepared to follow through on it then and there. It is about closing your eyes and diving in if that is what feels like the right decision in that moment. True choices are made in a moment of true connection with the universe and are rewarded by amazing results even if everyone else was unable to understand or relate to the choice being made. Those who surrender to Synergy are the ones who seem to always be in the right place at the right time to make the right choice.

That is not a coincidence.


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