Visualizing verses Awaiting

‘Tell the universe what you want!’

‘Ask for what you need!’

‘Set goals and go for them’

Great advice? No…hubris.

We are but children playing at understanding what we want and need. A toddler may very clearly state she wants to eat candy all day, and her desire to do so is valid and real, but we as a parent know that she is unable to understand the biological needs which render her wish inappropriate. So we ignore the immature perspective, place a nutritious and hopefully artfully prepared and playfully enjoyed meal in front of the child to coax her to partake of what she needs rather than what she wants. Yet, a good parent does not stuff the food down her throat nor punish her for her innocent attraction to sweet and pleasurable fare.

Synergy knows what each of us needs in every moment. She sets the table for us. Yet so many remain blind to the sumptuous repast because of the fixation upon what we think we desire.

When we visualize our goals, we are the toddler fantasizing about lollipops and gum drops. When we specify what we want, we are demanding obedience from a parent who knows what is best for us, and in doing so we fail to be open and ready to feast upon the opportunity generously served to us at the periphery of our tunnel vision.

Greeting each moment with open curiosity about how our current needs will be met creates panoramic vision. Trusting Synergy to provide for us rather then instructing her to do so leaves room for us to learn from her. This does not mean doing nothing. This means being ready to do anything! This does not mean having no goals. This means being prepared to seize any goal in the moment it becomes accessible to you.

Each moment is an escape room puzzle that, if you read the clues properly, lifts you into another level in the next moment. A scaffold to take you to your highest potential. Only Synergy knows what that is, so don’t put blinders on by narrowing your options through setting premature parameters and binding boundaries.

Look around every moment and learn to recognize the tools, gifts, clues and synchronicities unique to your life journey. And then make use of them to discover what opportunity awaits you! It’s what we were designed to do.


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