Choices define our existence although we had no choice in being brought into the Mattersphere. It’s not about choosing between right and wrong, good and evil. These things don’t exist except in subjective judgement. It’s about choosing to accept verses resistance, choosing satisfaction rather than distress.

No child chose to enter this world but every parent chose to access a portal into the Battersphere and conceive a soul. Ovulation is a portal, opening briefly, between the layers of the Attersphere, and it closes behind the newly formed child. The material substance of the baby comes from the mother’s egg cell, while DNA of the father and mother are both necessary to infuse that cell with Datter and Batter to form the trinity of the mind.

We do not choose the circumstances of our birth. Nor do we choose the ‘lessons’ for our life experience. Synergy sets a table for us, a buffet of options and situations, and allows us to choose from the menu of the moment IF our mind is in the moment. She will give us each day our daily bread, IF we accept it. But the choice we make to dwell in the past or dream of the future verses truly seeing and accepting what surrounds us in the present, THAT choice is what defines our existence.

What is, is. Whether on a small scale looking at one life or on a large scale looking at the world, this situation simply is. Accept whatever that is because it is where all the cumulative past choices of all the people in history have brought each individual and society as a whole.

Leave judgement, blame, fear, and anger aside and simply sit with the reality of the moment. Clarity comes with acceptance. This moment is where you are and nothing can change that for the moment but take hope that the moment will change itself if you allow it to. Don’t hold on to it, even if it is breathtakingly beautiful. Because when you let something go, if it was meant for you it will return to you.

Every moment has everything you need to find balance for the moment. Life is about finding balance between the quest for knowledge – building Datter – and the satisfaction of the emotions of material world. Too little seeking causes pain, too much emotion causes pain…but only for a moment.

Each moment is a new chance to change the balance. A new opportunity to search for knowledge and satisfy curiosity. Synergy rewards you the moment you turn toward a higher purpose.


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