Servitude verses Service

The distinction is in the mindset.

Being of service is a fundamental impetus in all of us. To be useful. To be necessary. To be part of something larger. To serve a purpose.

The smallest of acts serves a purpose but so often gets dismissed and ignored because of the apparent insignificance. Yet for want of a horseshoe nail the kingdom was lost. Finding the comfort of meaning in the minutiae lends courage on the path to larger acts of service. Taking pleasure in the daily routines of maintenance or rituals of support brings satisfaction to the most menial of tasks. Never more than in our present global situation has the importance of service been so clear.

Servitude is a mindset where the person being of service, or the one being served, feel entitled to the interaction in some way. Either the person receiving feels they are above doing the deed, that they deserve to be waited on, or the person providing the assistance feels in some way obliged to do so. Truly, they both may BE deserving and obliged but choosing to occupy the feeling of obligation or entitlement is to lose an opportunity for intimacy. Obligation and entitlement are states not conducive to making Moments, but every second of every day in any role in any place is an opportunity for a Moment. Serving is an incredibly fulfilling experience if you choose to embrace it as the powerful and necessary role it is.

Even if you perform the same act one thousand times each day, you are what determines if it is an act of service or an act of servitude. You can choose to find meaning and satisfaction in the sameness while watching for opportunities to get what you need, since Synergy makes sure you have available to you the resources you need when you need them.

Finding satisfaction in service brings pleasure to both sides of the equation and opens doors to opportunities for greater service. Sincere service floods both parties with gratitude for the service rendered and the opportunity to serve.

Have you felt it?

Have you experienced a Moment when someone made you truly feel blessed as they completed an act on your behalf, like it was their honour to be a part of your journey?

Or the reverse, feeling humbled as you gave support to someone whose authenticity and character made you feel you would do anything for them?

Be the horseshoe nail. Take pride in being of service knowing you may seem insignificant or invisible yet Synergy knows your worth. Every act we do is important and an opportunity to share a Moment with ourselves, with Synergy, or with others.


Contempt, Compassion, and Empathy

Empathy really is a buzz word nowadays. It’s held up by many as the standard of excellence in emotional functioning and the antidote to contempt. Empathy is seen as a higher level of awareness and the solution to social ills. But there is a problem with this ideal.

Empathy is feeling someone else’s emotions as if they are your own. Although on the surface this would seem a noble and compassionate thing, especially when held up in contrast of contempt which is judgement of someone else’s emotions, to feel someone’s emotions is…well…immature, selfish and in fact a form of contempt!

This is not to say understanding someone’s feelings is inappropriate, not in the least. That is the root of compassion, which is a healthy respect for and awareness of the emotions of others.

But in its truest form, empathy is an example of someone with poor boundaries who is unable to distinguish between themselves and others thus feels a strong need to fix the problems for others in order to find peace themselves. Many empaths talk of being overwhelmed and taken advantage of, which is a way of blaming others for their failure to protect themselves by establishing healthy boundaries. To act to change someone else’s circumstances can often be a form of contempt because the message is you know better then they, the victims, do.

Contempt and callous disregard for the feelings of others is an easy target to disparage and the narcissist easy to blame for society’s ills. The person exhibiting contempt is demonstrating rigid boundaries with complete distinction between themselves and others, which is viewed as toxic and dysfunctional. True, there is an imbalance present in this way of coping and to reach authenticity and enlightenment a shift needs to happen away from a focus on the judgemental coping mechanisms into wise and compassionate processes. Yet empathy is not the answer either.

The empath is also often toxic and dysfunctional yet in a way deemed acceptable to society because the appearance of helpfulness and caring, yet the drive is just as internally motivated as the actions of the narcissist. There is an imbalance present here, too, and a shift away from the emotional coping mechanisms into wise and compassionate processes needs to happen.

Compassion does not mean your are suffering with the people you feel compassionate towards. They are not you and you are not them, their emotions are not yours to feel. But compassion does elicit discomfort when imbalance, injustice, or negativity is witnessed. Compassion involves the desire to see balance restored, in whatever form the victim might feel it needs to take. As soon as you decide what form restitution or balance must take, you are no longer being compassionate, you are being contemptuous. To demand anything on anyone’s behalf except your very own, is to show contempt of that person’s or groups’ ability to determine their own needs. And unless they asked for your help, you disempower them by taking up their cause unless you yourself are directly affected by the imbalance.

Don’t mistake activism for compassion and empathy for support. Those without voices do need to be heard, but unless you are one of the voiceless, your sounds will drown out the meaning of their silence. Speaking from a place of experience is the only way to drive change, and listening from a place of compassion if you are not the victim, is the only way to support change.

The Brighter the Light, the Darker the Shadows Cast by it

The more positive, joyful and playful you get, it seems the more resistance, opposition and negativity you encounter.

This makes sense.

Shadows only exist due to light and the more intense the glow, the more defined the shadows become. A glimmer does not cause sharp edges in the dark.

But shadows are always behind the illuminated surface so often out of sight of the one casting the shadow. People are often unaware that their response to enlightenment is one of fear and resistance. The questions they have make sense to their judgemental brain and sensory mind, because they are so immersed in the matrix of the material world they can’t imagine an Eternal realm. Your surrender to childlike wonder simply seems childlike.

There is no right or wrong, good or evil. There is surrender or resistance. Joy or pain. When shadows form, it is resistance. Acceptance lights a candle within that banishes the shadow. The glow covers 360 degrees and although it might flicker and dim at times due to the external environment, that flame is Eternal. Like a trick candle, the substance it’s made of has the ability to reignite from within.

The sun doesn’t choose who to shine on. Even when the Earth’s surface is obscured by clouds and storms, the sun continues to spread warmth and energy. Even where there is no apparent target, the sun still shines…and that light reaches the darkest corners of the universe eventually. Not one bit of its glow is wasted.



Even if shadows form, even if clouds block the faces of those around you, even if no one and nothing seems to receive your glow. Your warm energy reaches someone somewhere at some time, whether you are aware of it or not.

And sometimes an unexpected message in a bottle will tell you just how far your glimmer made it.

Thrills and Chills

Thrill seekers and risk takers are on the right track. Those searches for adrenaline are searches, and seeking is our purpose. To boldly go where your wise mind has not gone before. To add new perspectives and new dimensions to the collective history stored with Eidolon in the Dattersphere.

Living in the Moment feels thrilling, sensuous, and utterly captivating. You are tethered in a limitless universe with boundless potential. If you don’t understand how to maintain that connection by freeing your mind from the material world, then you try to replicate the sensation by freeing your body from the constraints of the physical world through overloading your sensory brain.

An approximation of enlightenment.

When you find your wise mind and begin to live inside it most of your day, you take risks. You put yourself out there. You make yourself vulnerable. You find everything and everyone fascinating and exciting and immerse yourself intently in simple conversations with complete engagement. People ask for some of what you’re on. People want to join you on your journey.

Sharing knowledge and experience is another primal drive for us. To be the scaffold for others to construct meaning around. To light the pathway for others to explore. This urge drives us to post pictures and tweet thoughts, to write blogs and make comments. Hence the thrill in our heart with each new like, each recognition, each view. A different, less blatant type of thrill seeking but seeking nonetheless.

Our patterns have purpose. All of them. We do what we were designed to do. But like all machines, when we are out of balance we don’t function properly even as we strive to do what we were made for. Even the most dysfunctional, toxic behaviours are rooted in a primal function, a healthy drive that just needs tweaking of the weighting to make it effective once again.

Like the laundry washer that has piled too many items on one side of the drum, when we pile weight in our judgemental brain or our emotional mind, we thrash about unsteadily, and the contents of our heart are waterlogged and flaccid. Reaching inside the drum of our head, and repositioning the load, will wring out the extra weight we carry, and allow the current cycle to finish.

And what a feeling it is to be able to reach the spin cycle and release the dirty water of a lifetime of judgement and emotions!

Forrest, Dory, and Anna

Want to see what living in the Moment with acceptance and surrender looks like?

Open the box of chocolates with Forrest Gump.

Find Nemo by just letting go with Dory.

And don’t be Frozen, do the next right thing with Anna.

Each of these characters exemplifies living in the Moment. Living in the moment comes naturally in some cases through birth or early exposure, while in other cases adversity brings it on, or a combination of predisposition and outside forces culminates in a mindful approach to life. But that approach faces ridicule, scorn, and judgement in the doing so. Because from the outside looking in, living in the Moment appears abnormal. Idiotic at times. Vulnerable and stupid.

Yet it works. Not because of smarts or knowledge or strength. But because of faith and trust in the balance of the universe. Because Synergy keeps us safe if we let her. Yet to trust someone we can’t see, to believe in something without proof, to walk blindly through the lion’s den is so incredibly risky, so amazingly courageous, that the majority of people can’t fathom it.

So they see delusion where there is faith. Mania where there is joy. Stupidity where there is serenity. And naivety where there is openness.

Until they hit a boundary with their judgement and find tempered glass where they expected plastic film. Or they witness miracles through their jaded lenses when they expected ignominious defeat. Or feel the power of a Moment of resonance and connection when they expected vapid insouciance.

Once you have met a person with Presence, you never forget how it felt to share a Moment with them. You might shake your head and convince yourself no one could possibly be that sincere and authentic and the longer you are out of touch the more you attribute what you felt to fantasy. Until the next time you’re in their Presence and it all comes rushing back to you like you’d never even left.

Yes, there are mental illnesses which share traits with enlightenment and mindfulness. And those who change from living a life immersed in material pursuits to pursuing meaningful Moments are most likely to encounter disbelief and resistance from their acquaintances. Commiseration is validation and if you choose to no longer engage in misery and resistance your decision incidentally feels like judgement to those left behind.

When you embrace surrender and see things like possessions and money as mere tools for exploring your curiosity and understanding, it creates tension in those who seek comfort and stability in material possessions. There is nothing wrong with finding comfort and joy in worldly things. Beautiful objects and places are treasures to be cherished and enjoyed. Fast, powerful cars are sensual feasts to be experienced and fabulous food is meant to be played with. Money is meant to be used to acquire what you need to find your purpose. You can be wealthy and enlightened, in fact enlightenment tends to accumulate valuables because you are attuned to the gifts Synergy scatters around you so immediately recognize the value in things before others do.

Like Forrest Gump, you develop an accidental, incidental wealth as you simply keep running on your path with intention, delight, and faith. Like Dory, you find your way home by looking for the patterns you trust in. And like Anna, you do what feels right, then the next thing that feels right, until all is right.

Children start in this world filled with trust, joy, hope, and curiosity. By age 17 they wear the lenses of the sensory and judgemental minds and no longer use the wise brain they were born with.

Only by regression can we find ascension.

Event Horizon

Human perception keeps us at the ‘equator’ event horizon, taking the long straight path through time and space.

Our perception is as of an event horizon, only moving forward, one Moment at a time. Linear. The tapestry of the universe is being woven ahead of us and the threads in the present tend to follow into the future the established pattern already engaged, so we feel like we are trapped in the present. But change is possible. Patterns can be modified. Small adjustments make massive changes over time and time is limitless ahead of us.

Behind us, the weave is tighter and more well set but fabric is still flexible and subject to manipulation. Yet, to pull and stitch darts in a finished product creates pinches and imbalances. Better to lay it smooth, examine the threads, and then repair the patterns of the future weave. To accept what was, embrace what is, and surrender to what will be with hope and curiosity.

Synergy gives us what we need in our time of need. She sets the weft and we either go under or over. We warp threads do exactly that, wending up and down on our path. We either surrender or resist. We find satisfaction or discontent. Hope or despair. Joy or sorrow. For true balance, every warp thread must alternate between going over the weft thread and then under, in order to establish a secure weave. Each moment is the event horizon, the weft thread to leap or duck.

And when we are ready, she’ll reveal more of the universe to us, broaden our horizon and break through the barrier of our perceptions. Once we trust that we’re on a ‘need to know’ level of awareness, then we get upgraded to a higher clearance rating. With great power comes great responsibility. Knowledge is power. Power is control. Control creates balance…or imbalance.

One thread can anchor an entire tapestry. One thread can support the weave and set the pattern. One thread can be the change by resonating balance and stability. Any one of us can be the thread keeping everything together and every one of our threads is integral to the integrity of the entire fabric.

Final Destination?

Purpose. Reason. Enlightenment. Truth. Seeking these nebulous yet desirable goals gives a sense of structure and direction for those questing.

But they are not destinations. They are vehicles. Riding within truth and enlightenment gives a much more comfortable and scenic carriage on the tracks than the economy car built on thoughts and feelings. Yet that lounge car is merely a tool, not an end in and of itself. No different than having a full bank account yet striving for more money, being enlightened and basking in that state actually indicates that true enlightenment is yet to be attained.

The wise man secluding himself on the mountaintop to meditate on meaning is surely enlightened, though?

No, not if you truly follow through on the meaning of enlightenment. If you embrace what a precious gift life and the senses and feelings give us, then withdrawing from exposure to the senses is to reject the gift. Insulating from the volatility of others is understandable and certainly safe.

And there it is.


Boundaries. Physical, mental, emotional. The more rock solid and impervious your boundaries, the safer your core personality structure. The more you can reside within your wise brain. It makes absolute sense.

But it defeats the purpose of having the sensory and thinking minds if you only dwell in the wise mind. You can use the wise mind to tap into the secrets of the universe but Synergy knows learning by doing is the most effective way to grow. She reveals the secrets to those who listen with all their minds.

But what about those great gurus who teach mindfulness and enlightenment? Aren’t they representing the ultimate in human potential?

Yes, sharing knowledge and understanding with others is a primal drive which we were designed to do. Share. Not direct. Collaborate. Not instruct. Mentoring. Not minding. In the classroom, the people with the most experience outside the halls of academia are the ones the students gravitate toward, embrace, and soak up energy from. Leading by experience and example as a role model is the natural means of teaching, while structured lessons manufactured around set goals and defined topics is simply conveyance of information artificially packaged and mechanically received.

Teaching is noble and necessary. It takes great courage to offer of oneself, and is the essence of vulnerability. Yet it too confines the mind by locking in patterns rather than openness and flexibility since the very act of teaching is predicated on concrete, immutable concepts. Mentoring toward fluid skills is enlightened instruction.

To see truth and enlightenment as the ultimate purpose of life is to lose yourself in the luxury of the panoramic dining car and never disembark the train to touch the desert, swim with the belugas, smell the mountains or feel the wind. There is always more to discover, each day, but it requires immersion in the dirty, messy, painful and admittedly dangerous circus of life as a participant, not a leader nor an ascetic.

Always Halfway There

The Battersphere has always existed, without form or dimension. Limitless and unending. Turtles all the way down. But Matter and Datter emerged in a Moment at the beginning of Time and Space, forming dimensional existence. Batter is cake mix and dimensional existence is a bubble within the uniformity, where the perimeter of the bubble is Matter and the airy contents, Datter. Delicious.

Because the Mattersphere is always expanding as the Dattersphere increases inside of it, and time is a dimension of Matter, we humans are always half way to the end of time. We, with our limited perception, ride the largest perimeter of the sphere and so time feels longest to us. Our perception keeps us at Time’s equator. A lovely place to be on an expanding bubble because there are perpetual Moments, and Now will last forever.

The universe is presently 14 billion years old, middle aged from our perspective. 14 billion years to go! But…It will ALWAYS be middle aged, because it is not just expanding in the dimension of space, it is also expanding in the dimension of time. When the universe has its 15 billionth birthday, it will have 15 billion more years to go, and so on.

Matter goes through cycles of life and death but Datter and Batter are Eternal.

Macrocosm reflects microcosm. The longer people live for, the more likely they are to live to an older age before death on average. But the universe has no physical death, so simply put the longer it lives, the longer it is going to live, and the conversion of Batter to Matter and Datter will continue.

The Attersphere is eternal. Endless. There is unlimited Batter available for the formation of Matter and Datter. The universe will never stop expanding.

And the Eternal aspects of it will never disappear. Synergy. Eidolon. Us. Forms may change, atoms rearrange, energy transfer but once our Datter is written forming the pattern card which is unique to us, it will never be erased. Timeless and limitless, our existence has no end. Our experiences and awareness, the things we learn and discover, will remain in the collective consciousness but pain, suffering and fear will not endure beyond the moment which creates them.

Our minds were meant to freely enjoy the opportunity to playfully explore the Mattersphere, storing our findings in the Dattersphere, and basking in each Moment’s sensual experience, relishing all the spectrum of physiological responses to the environment.

What we miss this time around, we’ll get to the next time. It’s about the journey because our destination will always be over the horizon.

Having Faith

You either have faith, or you do not, in any given moment. It is hard to sustain faith, whether in Synergy, the universe, God or gods, and everyone experiences moments of doubt. Being alive is hard. Interacting with people is exhausting. Experiencing the world can be traumatic. Holding on to faith when it seems there is no purpose or reason for so much apparently senseless pain seems a monumental task.

Faith is the belief in the framework upon which you rest your faith. That framework exists independently of you and indeed independently of human thought at all if you truly believe in the system you subscribe to! Your belief in it does not create it, merely connects you consciously to it. Since it is independent of you, it’ll still be waiting there for you to come to roost when you’ve finished questioning your beliefs.

There are commonalities between many of the frameworks across millennia and geography. This increases the probability that at least one of those frameworks approximates the reality.

Eternal life is certainly a recurring theme.

At least one omnipotent being tends to be central.

Macrocosm reflects microcosm – the god(s) are human-like in behaviour and appearance – is another tenet.

Falliability seems to be common in spite of omniscience.

Either the majority of people on the planet are delusional, or there is someone watching over us! There is great comfort to be found in the idea of surrendering to a higher power, to relinquishing control and responsibility and resting like a child come home to a good mother for a respite. Even good mothers make mistakes and cause harm, but we have to trust that reparation will be offered, restoration will happen, and nurturing will resume.

No matter which framework you embrace, holding on is hard in times like these but hold on we must.

Clouds of Negativity

Atoms have a positive nucleus, a core of protons balled up a bit like our sun, while clouds of negative electrons orbit the nucleus similar to planets (well, more like asteroid belts) orbiting the sun. The charges of an atom add up evenly to make the atom energy neutral when it exists alone in a vacuum. Neutral does not mean stable, though. Stability on an atomic level comes from satisfaction within the electron clouds.

Most humans are also a mix of positive and negative emotional charges and are vulnerable to giving or receiving negativity in interactions with other people in an attempt to find satisfaction and stability. A rare few are so internally stable that no matter what is going on around them, they don’t transfer negativity and in fact bring those around them relief and protection from emotional volatility.

Expose most atoms to other atoms and they react to one degree or another over time, because most atoms are vulnerable to either losing or gaining electrons. A small number of atom types are so internally balanced that they never lose or gain negativity except in the rarest, most exceptional circumstances and are often used to insulate other elements from the environment.

Balance and stability requires the equalization of opposing forces. It is not about the eradication of negativity, it is about accepting the presence of negativity and finding ways to counterweight it.

Chemical reactivity comes from a lack, from empty spots in the outside layer of the electron clouds surrounding every atom. Atoms lacking enough electrons, enough negative energy, desperately seek to change that imbalance. The magic number is eight, with few exceptions, and elements just shy of 8 electrons in their peripheral energy cloud will grab onto the nearest negativity to fill themselves up. While elements with few electrons in the outer shell will give them away to drop down to the lower energy level for stability.

People either try to elevate or lift themselves up to the next energy level or drop themselves down to the one below. They use people and things around them, either boosting themselves, or boosting others.

It’s elemental!