A Moment in Time

What is a moment?

It depends on who’s defining it. And for what purpose. The moment as a unit of time is 90 seconds, a minute and a half. A lot can happen in a moment!

A moment is not a measure of time when talking about connection between two people. It is more a sensation, which lasts as long as it lasts. If you don’t understand what a moment is, then you may not have had one! But perhaps you have, just didn’t realize it. A moment can raise goosebumps because you feel the synergy between yourself and someone else. A moment can bring tears to your eyes with the intense validation of resonance with another entity. A moment, when you have one, makes you understand the profound visceral connection existing between everyone and everything.

Some people generate moments in all they do because they are so natural, comfortable and authentic that they radiate timelessness. To interact with them is to align with their energy and feel uplifted and enlightened. To behold them on task is mesmerizing and soothing. To see, hear, taste, touch or smell their presence and their creations is exquisitely satisfying. The great names we recognize from history were people who created enduring moments.

Moments are timeless because during them, a portal opens to connect not just by physical presence, but spiritual presence. Across time and space, outside of Matter, energy is transferred between two people.

We lock ourselves inside our emotional brain’s fixation on Matter, our judgemental brain’s fixation on Datter, and moments pass us by because our Spiritual brain is drowned out by the cacophony of thoughts and feelings. When we stop knowing, and stop doing, then we can start being in the timeless moment.

We’ve been forced to stop doing. Slowly, people are stopping thinking and feeling. Then, there in the stillness, in a moment of connection with themselves, they can start being.

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