It doesn’t matter!

The story of how we got here doesn’t actually truly matter. Whether that’s the story of an individual, a culture, a continent, the planet, or the universe.

We are here, now, with whatever tools, resources and skills that currently exist. Examining the past can be useful, especially since patterns repeat and macrocosm reflects microcosm, but it is too easy to lose the present moment in review of the past.

The story of Synergy may simply be an interesting fairy tale or creation myth. Or it could be true. That is irrelevant. Especially since all stories are told with the bias of the teller, through the filter of the medium, and subject to the interpretation of the listener.

All that matters is this moment of existence. It is the only real, unbiased, unfiltered, unadulterated truth. And around the world people are facing the exact same existential crisis of seeing all their history, their story, their lives stripped down to bare essentials…and many have the stark realization that their existence is NON-essential within the small framework they structured their lives around.

But that is a matter of perspective. Because if everything is truly as it is meant to be, and we all have purpose, then every one of us is serving that purpose right now. Our story is changing drastically at the moment and it is so very painful. Almost unbearable. So incredibly anguishing. Devastatingly tragic.

There are people who have active roles, putting their lives at risk to save others. To save us. Their courage and bravery is obvious and wonderful and will be rewarded. Taking action in crisis is what we are designed to do.

Which is why sitting back is so hard.

But sit back we must, to clear the floor for those who are able to act. Unless able to take immediate action, we must surrender to the moment and make the choice to stay home. Unless we have a skill, ability or resource crucial to this microscopic war being fought, our trenches are the homefront.

Taking no action is surrender. It is what all of us, without power to act, need to do. How we got here doesn’t matter. What we believed in the past or will think in the future doesn’t matter. Helplessness is terrifying and draining but resisting it prolongs the pain.

There is peace and satisfaction with surrender, regardless of the trauma surrounding the house, the street, the city, the country, or the world.

Stay home. Stay safe. Stay well. Surrender to what is. And wait to discover what will be, with an open curiosity and joyful gratitude. Because that does matter, in this moment.


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