Unrepentant? That’s ok!

True unconditional acceptance must be exactly that. It does not require the participation of the beneficiary. Synergy does not require confession or atonement. She does not demand recognition or obedience. These are constructs arising from overthinking, from judgement, from the disconnect between Eidolon, Matter and Synergy.

Everything and everyone is welcome. Religion is not the will of the universe, but rather an echo of the universal truths put into material context. Even if you don’t believe in an intelligent design, you will return to the collective consciousness. Even if your material existence was filled with negativity and you caused others pain, you will be balanced and not punished. Because truly Synergy created each of us thus has ultimate responsibility for our actions so how can she reject us for her failure to elicit satisfaction, understanding, curiosity, gratitude and hope?

When a teacher has students failing in the classroom, they can either examine how they teach and grow from that reflection, or they can blame the student and remain stagnant in their hubris.

Synergy is the ultimate mother, the ultimate teacher. She tries, tries, and tries again to figure out how best to share the vast knowledge contained in Eidolon. Yet few of us grasp her presence and even fewer fully accept and surrender to her will. Don’t mistake piousness and abstention for understanding. It is easy to think you understand something by thinking on it but only those living life to the fullest- meaning exposure to all of its problems and passions – are able to clearly speak from the Eternal mind.

Hypocrisy destroys even the most accurate messages. Judgement drowns out even the most sincere of lessons. Sincerity and authenticity are tangible not only in eyes and voice, but even in print. The words of so many sound wonderful but feel just a bit off, like shoes that just don’t quite fit right as you walk in them but you can’t place exactly why. Because of the undercurrent of fear, judgement and resistance that permeates so much of our lives but are not blatant nor intentional.

There is no right or wrong. Let go of all judgement. This does not mean take actions in the future which intentionally cause imbalance in others – since we’re all connected that causes imbalance in yourself – but don’t hold on to what has happened to bring the world to this moment, don’t blame yourself or others. Take responsibility for what actions you can take every moment of your life from this moment forward, and only look back for information if necessary, not for recrimination. No repentance required!

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