Event Horizon

Human perception keeps us at the ‘equator’ event horizon, taking the long straight path through time and space.

Our perception is as of an event horizon, only moving forward, one Moment at a time. Linear. The tapestry of the universe is being woven ahead of us and the threads in the present tend to follow into the future the established pattern already engaged, so we feel like we are trapped in the present. But change is possible. Patterns can be modified. Small adjustments make massive changes over time and time is limitless ahead of us.

Behind us, the weave is tighter and more well set but fabric is still flexible and subject to manipulation. Yet, to pull and stitch darts in a finished product creates pinches and imbalances. Better to lay it smooth, examine the threads, and then repair the patterns of the future weave. To accept what was, embrace what is, and surrender to what will be with hope and curiosity.

Synergy gives us what we need in our time of need. She sets the weft and we either go under or over. We warp threads do exactly that, wending up and down on our path. We either surrender or resist. We find satisfaction or discontent. Hope or despair. Joy or sorrow. For true balance, every warp thread must alternate between going over the weft thread and then under, in order to establish a secure weave. Each moment is the event horizon, the weft thread to leap or duck.

And when we are ready, she’ll reveal more of the universe to us, broaden our horizon and break through the barrier of our perceptions. Once we trust that we’re on a ‘need to know’ level of awareness, then we get upgraded to a higher clearance rating. With great power comes great responsibility. Knowledge is power. Power is control. Control creates balance…or imbalance.

One thread can anchor an entire tapestry. One thread can support the weave and set the pattern. One thread can be the change by resonating balance and stability. Any one of us can be the thread keeping everything together and every one of our threads is integral to the integrity of the entire fabric.


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