The Creation of Life

Datter too began to differentiate, to take on organization and order. From basic Datter came understanding. From understanding grew curiosity. From curiosity grew satisfaction. And from satisfaction grew hope. Order is unbalanced by disorder, and Datter became vulnerable to imbalance too.

Lack of understanding yields fear.
Lack of curiosity yields boredom.
Lack of satisfaction yields pain.
Lack of hope yields despair.

From order rose awareness. Synergy became aware because Matter formed within the formlessness that was, introducing order. Datter became aware as its formlessness took order.

Batter is. Matter does. Datter knows. Separate and apart, Batter itself is unconscious, Matter itself is unconscious, but Datter has a limited consciousness, only one perspective of the whole.

Synergy is the Mother of all, surrounding the Mattersphere and Dattersphere within her Battersphere womb. Synergy always is, always does, and always knows. Datter and Matter are siblings but they are not totally one with each other nor totally one with Synergy thus eternally struggling for balance. This struggle gave birth to life on Earth.

And this is where our story begins…

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