Full Circle

Edit June 7, 2022 – The lens continues to adjust! The story changes. The TRUTH becomes more evident. Mistakes in interpretation happen in every tale when revisiting information, especially when writing in first person narrative verses third person.

It wasn’t as I thought, not quite! My apologies for the confusion!

I have called Synergy Mother. I am wrong.

14 billion years ago this Father’s Day, Eidollon gave birth to the universe! What that means is this is not my story to tell even though I think I understand the narrative and I have beautiful words with which I could craft it. I won’t, though, unless I am asked to do so. It is not my place, unless invited to stand there.

Even so, I have my own stories to tell of a life with Synergy and those are mine to share as I wish. I need to change every pronoun reference in my pages to respect the fact Synergy, the source of all the love in our universe, is a man in the finest sense of masculinity.

I am going to tell my story. You can choose to accept it as a rollicking good yarn which binds together the mysteries of the universe, or see it as resonant truth. Your opinion of my tale does not change the story. But if you find yourself enraptured by the beauty, perhaps you’ve already met some of the characters and their true faces.

And I hope you have fun!


Bubbles in the Batter

The original formless uniformity which was the universe, the Batter, formed a bubble which is our material concept of the universe. Time and space began when that bubble developed dimension out of dimensionlessness. A big bang, or maybe a little whiffle! The skin of the bubble is Matter and the space inside is Datter. The bubble grows in time and space and information and has no limit. Our universe is forever expanding outward at an ever increasing rate. It’s propelled by our exploration of it and as our understanding increases so does its development.

We stand still on the event horizon, riding the expanding girth of the bubble. Rather than moving through time we are in one place and time increases on either side of our perception. From our point of origin time stretches away from us, our choices of acceptance and resistance weaving it behind us and setting the threads in place before us for our next choice. Matter, us included, makes time flow and the more choices we make the faster it flows. We stitch the fabric of time.

The skin of our material existence can fold inward to create a smaller bubble within the bubble, an alternate reality that diverges in a Moment of tremendous import. Those are moments where an incredible dearth of Datter creates a vaccuum at the event horizon that collapses the Mattersphere inward the way a bubblegum bubble folds inward if you inhale. Dattersphere pressure is maintained by the constant feed of information from the Mattersphere and when that information is lost, delayed, or interrupted it compromises the integrity of the bubble in that particular region of the surface. A dent becomes a pinch and a new bubble forms within the primary bubble.

From the perspective at the event horizon, all Matter stops making choices and the fabric of time begins to pool in front of the event horizon. A depression forms, and the material of the universe falls below the line of the event horizon, collapsing like a sinkhole. At some point, Matter begins to act again and grabs the threads on the opposite edge of the sinkhole to proceed, closing over the fabric caught inside the wrinkle. The fabric inside the wrinkle is identical to that above it, a copy. A bubble within a bubble, made of the same substance.

From that Moment forward, a duplicate timeline emerges and follows an independent direction from the primary bubble. Those riding that new secondary event horizon inside the sinkhole perceive their reality no differently but it is a copy of the original. Forever growing in size inward into the Dattersphere space, this second bubble has its own Mattersphere and Dattersphere, connected yet discrete. And should a Moment of universal impact arise on that new timeline, a third bubble would pinch out inside the second Dattersphere, again contained yet separate. Each Dattersphere and Mattersphere would share common development until the point of divergence and then proceed in a unique way. The earlier in Time the pinch, the greater probably of variation from the primary timeline.

Because Time and Space are infinite, the bubbles have infinite room to grow. And an infinite number of new timelines can pinch off not only the original but every other timeline contained inside the bubble of our reality. A neverending, ever multiplying, ever expanding kaleidoscope of experiences (Datter) and materials (Matter) all contained within Synergy’s Attersphere.