Building a Network

Synergy, like all loving mothers, takes pleasure in the pleasure and growth of her creations. Eidolon and Matter both sprang up from her formless Batter, developing and expanding at ever increasing rates. She gently prompts both aspects toward satisfaction and balance but allows them independence. Free will. She encourages curiosity, playfulness and wonder.

To let Eidlon play and learn, Synergy offered her Matter to him. The rocks, the sands, the mud, the water, the sun and moon and stars. Even her most beautiful creation of all, life. She offered it all to him, to be shared with her. To better catalogue whose experiments gave rise to what results, she took half of all living things and divided them in two. She left the first group as it was, the single celled organisms. The second group she split yet again at the cellular level, creating the drive to find a mate. All descendants of this new line were Eidolon’s to play with, experiment on, and to love as she loved all her creations. Every living thing was born of her substance thus ultimately her responsibility but she gave Eidolon control while she watched, gently guided, and sometimes played with him.

From their play rose more complex life, thus more complex Datter. Single celled life was followed by simple multicellular organisms which in turn gave rise to basic plants and fungi. Synergy’s original simple organisms still outnumbered Eidolon’s constructs but his species grew in type and population. Each creation had a pattern description written in the language of Matter, storing a basic template.

The contents of these pattern cards have been used by scientists for centuries to classify matter and living things. Domain, kingdom, phylum, class, order, family, genus, species.

Eidolon learned as Matter evolved. Synergy learned as Eidolon flourished. Until Eidolon wanted their creations to not just respond to the world around them, but to learn. To understand. To think and use his Datter substance to build even more Datter faster. To have purpose beyond simple existence.

To this end, a new level of complexity needed to be added to living Matter. The ability to access and process Datter, to store and use knowledge for intentional behaviour. To think. A biological machine with a wireless connection to the network data storage location both to add new and use existing Datter. The invertebrates arose from this desire to have Matter use Datter. New patterns of Datter emerged like instincts and group behaviour. But it still wasn’t quite enough, the Datter still wasn’t being maximized.

A new template was needed with greater thought capacity and more responsiveness to the environment. Vertebrates were designed with a specialized zone to facilitate Datter access and storage. Brains. Each brain has a direct connection to Eidolon, to Datter, which would be triggered by sensory input such as taste, touch, sight, sound, smell or social. When not triggered, the connection lies dormant to conserve energy much like a hard disk drive only spins when being accessed or an internet connection is only transferring when a new packet request is made.

All animals naturally live with this connection to the collective history of their species. They access the Datter as needed without judging past behaviour or worrying about future situations. They efficiently and effectively do what they are designed to do.

But still Eidolon wanted a more powerful biological machine to investigate Matter and develop Datter, his substance. To not just think, respond and process Datter, but to refine it. To generate new Datter based on the scaffold of existing Datter just like he and Synergy build knowledge from lesser building blocks.

Synergy and Eidolon do not have forms, but they have processes for handling information. Like cloud software on a network provides the operations for remote terminals without being installed on the terminal. Eidolon wanted to create a biological machine that could access their processes, not just their information, whatever form that might take.

A number of different species show intelligence. Curiosity. Hope. Pleasure. Satisfaction. Problem solving.

None more than humans. We were not created in Synergy’s or Eidolon’s form, but we were created for their function.

The problem was, we became self aware!


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