Arbitrary Timelines

Time is an artificial construct of the material world, a symptom of the short circuit in our brain that prevents us from living in the moment. We don’t need to measure the past or future if fully immersed in the present!

Time is a source of great anxiety and stress. Do I have time for this? Don’t give him the time. I had the time of my life. But when you have a Moment, time melts into nothing. Time flies when you’re having fun. And people who embrace living in the moment accomplish more in the exact same 24 hours everyone else lives. Time is what you make it.

As are timelines. To truly live in the Moment requires trust that all will be well. That deadlines and due dates, even though arbitrary material constructs, will be met not through thinking about them but through forgetting about them in order to focus on the task of the moment. What will be, will be, as it is meant to be. The pieces of the puzzle are there waiting for assembly and will be discovered in due time. Everything you need will be available when you need it, to do what you need to do. Have faith, close your eyes, and keep walking.

Animals don’t read calendars or clocks. The dog who waits by the door at four in anticipation of his master’s return read the concentration of scent particles in the air to predict the schedule, the pattern. Birds recognize the angle of the sun and day length not which month it is for their migration. Sap runs when temperatures are safe for leaf development.

If you must surrender to the urge to set a timeline for yourself, follow the lead of the universe and avoid those c-words, calendar and clock. Look around the escape room that is your life, to find the anchor for your decision. Use your environment to schedule your journey.

Thinking in a matter of months? Well look at that! A new shoot on the Phalaenopsis Orchid will take 4 to 6 months to flower. So when it is complete, you will make your move.

A matter of hours? Gee, I love how the sunlight plays through the stained glass window in the evening. When it hits that shelf, I’ll head on out.

Deadlines and timelines are arbitrary and artificial in the first place. Time only exists in the Mattersphere, and our wise mind knows how to bend both time and space within the rules of the physical matrix of reality. Synergy will make that flower bloom when you are ready to bloom, and that sunbeam shine when you are ready to shine. But only if you trust her by closing your eyes to clocks and calendars when you have the chance to.

Thrills and Chills

Thrill seekers and risk takers are on the right track. Those searches for adrenaline are searches, and seeking is our purpose. To boldly go where your wise mind has not gone before. To add new perspectives and new dimensions to the collective history stored with Eidolon in the Dattersphere.

Living in the Moment feels thrilling, sensuous, and utterly captivating. You are tethered in a limitless universe with boundless potential. If you don’t understand how to maintain that connection by freeing your mind from the material world, then you try to replicate the sensation by freeing your body from the constraints of the physical world through overloading your sensory brain.

An approximation of enlightenment.

When you find your wise mind and begin to live inside it most of your day, you take risks. You put yourself out there. You make yourself vulnerable. You find everything and everyone fascinating and exciting and immerse yourself intently in simple conversations with complete engagement. People ask for some of what you’re on. People want to join you on your journey.

Sharing knowledge and experience is another primal drive for us. To be the scaffold for others to construct meaning around. To light the pathway for others to explore. This urge drives us to post pictures and tweet thoughts, to write blogs and make comments. Hence the thrill in our heart with each new like, each recognition, each view. A different, less blatant type of thrill seeking but seeking nonetheless.

Our patterns have purpose. All of them. We do what we were designed to do. But like all machines, when we are out of balance we don’t function properly even as we strive to do what we were made for. Even the most dysfunctional, toxic behaviours are rooted in a primal function, a healthy drive that just needs tweaking of the weighting to make it effective once again.

Like the laundry washer that has piled too many items on one side of the drum, when we pile weight in our judgemental brain or our emotional mind, we thrash about unsteadily, and the contents of our heart are waterlogged and flaccid. Reaching inside the drum of our head, and repositioning the load, will wring out the extra weight we carry, and allow the current cycle to finish.

And what a feeling it is to be able to reach the spin cycle and release the dirty water of a lifetime of judgement and emotions!

Schrodinging Everything

Hedge your bets and prepare for all eventualities with the hopes that things will come out hopping when Synergy finally presents the opportunity to open the darn box.

Greeting every day with curiosity, hope and acceptance means being ready for anything in any Moment. Being receptive to whatever springs up on you means you’ll never be disappointed with the chances you didn’t take, the opportunities you didn’t seize or the Moments you missed.

Assume all possibilities are open to you until the moment you know the truth.

This includes options you may perceive as negative. Don’t rule out failure or hurdles…in fact, count on them thus they won’t devastate you. Have Plan A, Plan B, in fact prepare the entire alphabet just in case. The more you understand the parameters and possible outcomes for every decision you face, the stronger your position for satisfaction in a perhaps unexpected form.

We don’t know what is best for ourselves. We don’t know what we need. We often don’t know who we even are, so how can we be certain what is in our best interests?

Synergy knows. But it’s up to us to accept her wisdom and be receptive to her gentle guidance. We blind ourselves with our thoughts and feelings, setting our hearts on things that were never meant to be, because we are trapped in our past or dreaming of our future.

Obstacles, barriers and disappointments are merely rungs on the ladder ascending toward enlightenment and true understanding of self, others, and the universe. Our purpose is to discover our purpose, which can’t be chosen, can’t be predicted, only unveiled.

Every decision has a Moment for making it. Not talking about it. Not planning it. Not dreaming about it. Those are not decisions, those are efforts. Until the Moment of Truth, efforts encompassing all possible outcomes yield the best return on Synergy’s investment in us. So, Schrodinger’s cat is both alive and dead, treat it as such until time to open the box!

Spiteful Pleasure?

We’re told to feel guilt and shame for the thoughts in our head. We self-chastise for offenses we didn’t commit, merely imagined. But…really…it’s NOT the thought that counts.

Thoughts and feelings are mere shadows in the Mattersphere, somewhat perceptible but not able to take action on their own. You are your actions, not your thoughts, in the material world. Even in the Eternal world, you are not your thoughts because thoughts are data fragments floating around in our local hard drive brain, they were not supposed to take up residence! They will not follow us in the present moment or in death.

Ever taken spiteful malicious pleasure in someone else’s misfortune and then felt awful afterward? Even though you had nothing to do with their circumstances and did not bring about their pain, did you feel guilt and criticize yourself for not being a good person?


What did you DO to deserve your self-condemnation?

You had a thought.

That thought was satisfying to you. Remove judgement from it, because judgement is a construct better left to Eternity. The thought was not malicious or spiteful. It was simply a thought, and your satisfaction in it simply satisfaction. Accept both without guilt or shame.

Synergy created us to be curious and hopeful and to seek satisfaction. Feelings are supposed to be sensory responses to the social environment, not tied to our internal environment. Thoughts are meant to pre-process Datter, and then disappear, not get stuck in loops of thought – feeling – thought – feeling.

The short circuit of our self-awareness makes us judge ourselves about the sources of satisfaction and pleasure, whether a thought or an act, and then society perpetuates that judgement. Notice children have no shame or guilt? If you learn to live in the Moment and accept your thoughts as simply information triggered by the events and circumstances around you, and you let go of contempt and criticism of those thoughts, and even of past behaviours. Did you hurt someone? Let it go but don’t do it in another Moment. Did someone hurt you? Let it go but keep safe boundaries in another Moment.

When you occupy the Now, there is no wrong or right. There is acceptance, curiosity, hope, joy, growth and gratitude. No matter whether the Moment includes pain and strife or ease and comfort, acceptance and satisfaction can be found. Every one of us is trying to survive the best we can in each moment, and each moment is what it needs to be.

Offense verses Defence

Surrender does not necessitate victimhood. Acceptance does not require acquiescence if the moment includes opportunity and tools for defending boundaries.

Again the distinction between expectations and boundaries is crucial. An expectation puts action in the hands of others and is a matter of offensive momentum, creating situations rather than responding to them. To expect someone to meet your expectations is to demand compliance from them and gives them power over your interactions.

A boundary puts action in your hands and is defensive momentum, responding to situations rather than creating them. To expect someone to respect your boundaries is to reward compliance with your ongoing involvement with them, and gives you power over the interaction.

The best offense is a good defence. The high ground is least vulnerable to attack. Every situation has a degree of vulnerability because no two people are completely the same. Most elements on the Periodic table are reactive in the presence of other atoms, even their own kind, with the exception of the Noble Gases which react reluctantly under exceptional conditions. The moment we leave the safety of our own company, when we may need to assert boundaries and respond to the actions of others, we become volatile and reactive unless we exert Noble control.

Reflecting on your boundaries, understanding your limits and your chosen consequences of non-compliance by others, puts you in a defensive position. Awareness of the tools available in the escape room at the moment will guide your defence. Synergy has your back if you trust her. But as soon as you SEEK retribution, as soon as you procure tools rather than accept the ones Synergy offers you when the time is right, you move from a defensive position to an offensive one.

Offense generates resistance. Defence slides through resistance to the core of the purpose Synergy has given the situation. Whether in court proceedings, romance, business, sports, or everyday life, timing is everything and a defensive, open, and curious position at the key moment defines many a rousing win.

Martyr or Manipulator?

We are designed to serve. Serve ourselves, each other, a greater good. The urge to give of ourselves arises from this instinct and underwrites so many great selfless acts of compassion and hope. The synergy between people can be felt when hearing stories of incredible generosity and altruistic sacrifice.

But the flip side to this coin is the manipulator disguised as the martyr. The apparent selfless act without expectation of recompense but upon completion an emotional invoice is issued and hefty interest charged on that balance with no rules about the collection or even the value of the service rendered.

When someone does something for you which you did not request, it often is not kind and generous. It may be a statement of contempt. It frequently is an expression of the idea they know better than you, and are attempting to control your behaviour through passive aggression under the guise of benevolence. Only your patterns and history with that person can tell you how sincere the act is but if your gut screams that there’s a price, make no mistake you will receive an invoice.

An offering of service is only sincere if the terms and conditions are clear. There is absolutely nothing wrong with exchanging service! Part of our journey is learning how to cooperate with others to get our needs met while not interfering with the needs of others and fair trade is a wonderfully satisfying way to interact.

Where problems arise is within the ambiguity of an offer hiding a cost. A sale masquerading as a gift. Our instinct is to take at face value what seems to be generously offered because Synergy designed us to accept her gifts to us and surrender to her guidance. Thus a gift from someone is a gift from Synergy, but sometimes it is to teach us a lesson in discernment.

It is painful, disappointing and uncomfortable to accept a gift and discover you unwittingly committed to a transaction. To surrender to the inherent lesson is the only way to escape the pain of that trauma, the pain of resisting the truth. The truth is, everyone is capable of hurting you and disappointing you so you must always be prepared to discover a price on all interactions. True connection requires true vulnerability. Do not condemn the giver for a gift they needed to collect a fee on. They do not know any better and need your acceptance rather than your resistance.

A gift received is not an obligation created, not without your cooperation.

And beware your own hidden price tags! Do you look for thanks? Appreciation? Acknowledgment? Do you feel the urge to punish for good deeds gone unseen? These have value, are emotional coin. If you are sincere, then your offer of service is the satisfaction. Again, it is just fine to look for approval and accolades but be honest with yourself and others that you are seeking coin.

It is ok to protect your most sacred self from harm using boundaries, of course. Boundaries involve removing yourself from exposure to risk of these transactions, but do not involve controlling the behaviour of others. You cannot control others, you cannot stop their offerings. Expectations are attempts at control.

Don’t trust anyone. But love them anyway.

No expectations. Only boundaries.

Compassion – A Different Kind of Pain

Aggression says ‘get up from there’ while standing on top of you.

Passive aggression says ‘let me help you get up from there’ while standing on top of you.

Sympathy says ‘it looks awful down there’ while standing beside you.

Empathy says ‘it sucks down here’ while laying beside you.

Compassion says ‘get out of here’ while taking your place.

Compassion is the deepest form of love and shows no regard for sex, age, race, or religion. It offers no resistance to abuse or trauma or dysfunction because it knows those who are in the greatest pain cause the most pain.

Living in the moment fills you with intense compassion because if you are not holding on to the past nor grasping at the future, you are able to treat the present moment with love, curiosity, hope and joy no matter how badly you’ve been wounded by those spending that moment with you.

Both living in the moment and living with compassion take incredible strength, courage, and endurance. The drain of allowing yourself to be vulnerable to exploitation is at times overwhelming and isolating. Keeping faith that all will be well and perseverance rewarded by peace and joy can be so excruciatingly wearisome.

But the reward always comes. You cannot ask or expect a certain form of reward – that’s a transaction, not compassion- but the pieces needed for fulfillment in your life will follow acts of brave compassion like rainbows follow rainstorms.

It doesn’t matter!

The story of how we got here doesn’t actually truly matter. Whether that’s the story of an individual, a culture, a continent, the planet, or the universe.

We are here, now, with whatever tools, resources and skills that currently exist. Examining the past can be useful, especially since patterns repeat and macrocosm reflects microcosm, but it is too easy to lose the present moment in review of the past.

The story of Synergy may simply be an interesting fairy tale or creation myth. Or it could be true. That is irrelevant. Especially since all stories are told with the bias of the teller, through the filter of the medium, and subject to the interpretation of the listener.

All that matters is this moment of existence. It is the only real, unbiased, unfiltered, unadulterated truth. And around the world people are facing the exact same existential crisis of seeing all their history, their story, their lives stripped down to bare essentials…and many have the stark realization that their existence is NON-essential within the small framework they structured their lives around.

But that is a matter of perspective. Because if everything is truly as it is meant to be, and we all have purpose, then every one of us is serving that purpose right now. Our story is changing drastically at the moment and it is so very painful. Almost unbearable. So incredibly anguishing. Devastatingly tragic.

There are people who have active roles, putting their lives at risk to save others. To save us. Their courage and bravery is obvious and wonderful and will be rewarded. Taking action in crisis is what we are designed to do.

Which is why sitting back is so hard.

But sit back we must, to clear the floor for those who are able to act. Unless able to take immediate action, we must surrender to the moment and make the choice to stay home. Unless we have a skill, ability or resource crucial to this microscopic war being fought, our trenches are the homefront.

Taking no action is surrender. It is what all of us, without power to act, need to do. How we got here doesn’t matter. What we believed in the past or will think in the future doesn’t matter. Helplessness is terrifying and draining but resisting it prolongs the pain.

There is peace and satisfaction with surrender, regardless of the trauma surrounding the house, the street, the city, the country, or the world.

Stay home. Stay safe. Stay well. Surrender to what is. And wait to discover what will be, with an open curiosity and joyful gratitude. Because that does matter, in this moment.

Unrepentant? That’s ok!

True unconditional acceptance must be exactly that. It does not require the participation of the beneficiary. Synergy does not require confession or atonement. She does not demand recognition or obedience. These are constructs arising from overthinking, from judgement, from the disconnect between Eidolon, Matter and Synergy.

Everything and everyone is welcome. Religion is not the will of the universe, but rather an echo of the universal truths put into material context. Even if you don’t believe in an intelligent design, you will return to the collective consciousness. Even if your material existence was filled with negativity and you caused others pain, you will be balanced and not punished. Because truly Synergy created each of us thus has ultimate responsibility for our actions so how can she reject us for her failure to elicit satisfaction, understanding, curiosity, gratitude and hope?

When a teacher has students failing in the classroom, they can either examine how they teach and grow from that reflection, or they can blame the student and remain stagnant in their hubris.

Synergy is the ultimate mother, the ultimate teacher. She tries, tries, and tries again to figure out how best to share the vast knowledge contained in Eidolon. Yet few of us grasp her presence and even fewer fully accept and surrender to her will. Don’t mistake piousness and abstention for understanding. It is easy to think you understand something by thinking on it but only those living life to the fullest- meaning exposure to all of its problems and passions – are able to clearly speak from the Eternal mind.

Hypocrisy destroys even the most accurate messages. Judgement drowns out even the most sincere of lessons. Sincerity and authenticity are tangible not only in eyes and voice, but even in print. The words of so many sound wonderful but feel just a bit off, like shoes that just don’t quite fit right as you walk in them but you can’t place exactly why. Because of the undercurrent of fear, judgement and resistance that permeates so much of our lives but are not blatant nor intentional.

There is no right or wrong. Let go of all judgement. This does not mean take actions in the future which intentionally cause imbalance in others – since we’re all connected that causes imbalance in yourself – but don’t hold on to what has happened to bring the world to this moment, don’t blame yourself or others. Take responsibility for what actions you can take every moment of your life from this moment forward, and only look back for information if necessary, not for recrimination. No repentance required!

Keeping Score

Keeping score is natural! That’s exactly what balance is. But our mistake is in seeking balance from those who unsettled us, expecting restitution from the ones who hurt us.

Admittedly, that is the most direct and satisfying way to restore balance. The one who broke us best knows what they broke, how they broke it, and how best to put it back together. This is why we so passionately seek healing from the source of our pain. But those who hurt others are themselves hurting thus are not equipped for reparation unless they too are ready for repair.

Synergy gives us all the tools we need to restore balance when it’s been stripped from us. Whether through no fault of our own, or because of our poor decisions and resistance to her will, she forgives all and accepts us unconditionally. We don’t need to ask for forgiveness or apologize to her, we don’t need to worship or praise her. We just need to listen to her gentle guidance and accept her generous gifts which surround us.

Satisfaction in life does not require religious practice or atonement or penance for past imbalance. Acceptance is complete surrender to the idea that everything, including the past, had to happen to culminate in the powerful moment which is here and now.

Globally, locally or individually the scoreboard needs to be reset to net zero before we can have balance at any level. We need not only to forgive ourselves this day, but everyone else in the world no matter how heinous their actions. Truly embracing mindfulness and enlightenment means ultimately EVERYONE AND EVERYTHING at this moment is EXACTLY how it was meant to be, that necessary things are in place.

Judgement is resistance to what is. Resistance is the source of imbalance and pain. Judgement does not create solutions nor hope for better. Acceptance and open curious reflection do. Keeping score is a judgement of the past which inhibits the power of the present moment, the only place where balance can be found.

Balance can’t arise from the past or future. It can only be grasped in the now. Synergy lays it out for us every moment, offering to heal us with what she knows is best for us so long as we aren’t fixated on what restitution we see as fitting.

Look around. What have you been offered today as a gift from Synergy? Is it my words you stumbled upon? An unexpected contact who lifted your spirits? A rainbow when you needed it? She’s there, sending you her love. Like a mother, she demands nothing in return but for you to accept her support and let her cradle you in peace and satisfaction.