Playful Communication

It’s infectious, irreverent, and irresistible. The most serious of proceedings can benefit from a judicious injection of wit and humour done with a deft hand. Subtle word play and artfully deliberate vocabulary selection makes the most tedious dissemination of information nutritious and delicious.

Saying what you need to say in a satisfying way creates a Moment with your audience that transcends the mere message content. Communication is not simply transmission of information.

The most beautiful, inspiring and motivational words are meaningless if written in a dead language.

Even the secrets of the universe will disappear when written in the sand.

The most profound of concepts are dismissed when tumbling out of the mouths of babes.

Communication is not just the message. It is the the synergy between the message, the medium and the minds of the sender and receiver. It is the sum of these parts resonating until the tumblers of understanding slide into position and open a direct connection between the mind of origin and the mind of recipient.

There’s an art to it. No less so than the choreographed moves of a ballet or the finessed strokes of a sculpture, the ebb and flow of effective dissemination requires fine tuned awareness and mastery of the nature of the message, the medium, and the audience. A virtuoso is a pleasure to behold in any field, including the orator who holds an audience spellbound during the most mundane of proceedings.

There is a vulnerability inherent in allowing your personality and humour shine through in your communication. It is a risk, to open the window into your playful self and expose it to judgement and critique. There will always be those who seek to dim luminescence and cast a pall over playfulness.

Be brave. Be artful. Be memorable. Be fun. Set a tone which reverberates through your words and into the hearts of those reading them, the sensation of which lingers long after the content has faded.

Because playfulness is a gift from Synergy and the words that tumble out from it are pure joy to behold. No gift should go unopened!

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