Playlists and Purpose

Which movies haunt you? What songs stay in your mind? Which books stir your soul? What resonates with you?

These are your clues in your escape room of your life. They hold the key to your spiritual awakening. Listen carefully to them and you will find your purpose. Yours and yours alone, no one else has the same purpose as you. Do your playlists have themes? Are your favourite games of a similar type? What do these things say to you?

Especially watch for synchronicity around them. The song playing on the radio right when you needed the message in those lyrics. Or a random movie makes itself available to you with things to know for your journey. Or a book literally falls open to a concept. Always be open, alert, and curious about Synergy’s offerings.

Do you see patterns? Like like thunder precedes lightning and rainbows follow rainstorms Synergy sends messages befeore and after crucial events – if you’re listening.

The messages come to ground you before or after trauma unsettles you or leaves you questioning your faith. Brace for impact if synchronicities ramp up while at peace, and look to the synchronicities to cool down with if the world has thrown vitriol and spite in your direction.


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