The Power of a Smile

I have wrangled with whether putting a name and face behind my words would be of benefit or detriment. Indeed, I began writing my thoughts on the structure of the universe and nature of existence simply because I ran out of paper during our national lockdown, never expecting my words to be read by others nevermind resonate with them. These are my rough notes, ideas tumbling out demanding to be recorded then later polished and published. Yet even as drafts of mental sketches, they delight me. I am proud to claim them.

But with claiming comes reframing in the eyes and mind of the audience. To put a face and name creates room for judgement, assumptions and alternate interpretations because every message is influenced by the messenger. Communication requires a message, a medium, a sender, and a receiver, all of which convey subtle subtext and blatant bias to the final delivery.

I hope offering my smile with open invitation enhances the message. Since my words are not meant for persuasion or influence, purely a statement of my perspective, I suspect sharing who I am will strengthen the resonance with those who feel it from my words alone.

Hi, my name is Kathy Bell. Welcome to my mind!

To keep my story separate from my thoughts, I’m going to tell it in another blog. I’ve discovered that what is everyday for me is inspiring and comforting to other people, and that sharing my thoughts brings peace and hope to me and those who read them. Yet I do not write for others, nor to be heard. I simply write when I must, when the words demand freedom and spring from my fingertips onto the screen.

I intend this to be my only first person post to this site, as I want to share Synergy here, not me. My story will unfold on its own Path.

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