Compassion is love for all. Compassion does not see right nor wrong, it does not differentiate between victim and perpetrator, nor judge good and bad. Compassion sees imbalance and offers to help, rather than targeting wrongs to right and evils to avenge.

Compassion has no anger and no heat. It is calm, deliberate and effective. Compassion looks at every single human being as worthy. No matter their history, no matter their scars. Compassion is grounded in the present moment. Compassion does not take sides. Compassion is triage for the human soul.

Compassion is the desire to ease suffering and elevate the energy of others. Suffering in any form. Compassion is blind to race, age, sex, ability, religion, and even the cause of the suffering. Self-inflicted wounds are still painful and deserve compassion rather than scorn.

Compassion does have boundaries. It does have limits. Healthy boundaries are self-compassion and true compassion cannot exist unless the compassionate are taking care of themselves first. Compassion is not martyrdom, but it can involve self-sacrifice.

Compassion is hard to maintain. To refrain from judgement, to shield against emotional reactions, takes significant self-control. It is much easier to surrender to angry contempt or tearful anguish then to hold yourself separate yet connected. Self-compassion even moreso.

Compassion arises from the wise mind. It leashes the twin monsters Logiticus and Moodasaurus in order to serve others without judgement or emotionality. To serve without borders or exclusions. To serve without compensation or gain.

True compassion does not follow social norms, political correctness or the crowd.

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